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Contacting the Office

What to bring when Visiting Dr Singal's Office:

All new patients will need a referral from their family doctor or where approriate another specialist MD.  Similarly  those patients that have not been seen by Dr Singal within the past year and are being assessed for a new issue will require a new referral.  When visiting the office please ensure that your contact information is readily available and that you have a valid health card.  For those individuals not insured for health coverage in Canada please contact the office in advance for further details.  Sabrina Morganti and Joanne Jeffers are the administartive assistants in Dr Singal's office and can be contacted by phone or via email below.  Any CT scans or MRI may need to be reviewed.  Please confirm with the office in advance if you need to bring a CD copy of the films with you.


For all new patients and those patients for whom there has been a change in their health status  please fill out this Health Questionnaire and bring with you on your visit to the office:

Patient Questionnaire for your visit to Dr Singal



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