Laparoscopic/Robotic Surgery and Percutaneous Surgery

These minimally invasive techniques have the advantage over open surgical procedures in that patients have a quicker recovery with less blood loss, shortened length of stay in hospital and smaller incisions. Minimally invasive techniques can be used for a variety of urological conditions. Large complex kidney stones that historically needed large incisions to remove can now be treated with a 1cm  incision.  Laparoscopy, which involves inserteding a small camera into the abdominal cavity is commonly used in the management of kidney cancer and adrenal disease.  

Opening in July 2012, the surgical robotics program is led by Dr Singal and is jointly run at Toronto East General Hospital with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center. This $5 million partnership is the first of its kind in Ontario.  The pooling of large resources between institutions to ensure that a  state-of-the-art program can be developed quickly is a model for the Canadian healthcare system.   Learn more about the development of this unique partnership   



Some general information about  robot assisted Radical Prostatectomy can be found here